The Art of Basic Human Respect

John Martin and Mary Ann Winiger
Human Design Hawaii : Sedona Workshop

John and Mary Ann Live in Sedona, Next experience: January 19-25th

This Workshop is Designed to move Human Design Knowledge from the Mind into the Body.

The way that humans have operated for hundreds of years is as a seven-centered being. But humans are in transition – moving from a seven-centered life to a nine-centered life. And this is very different. The mind is no longer in power and control. It is not here to guide our life. Human Design really gives the map to see what guides each of us and it is never the mind. It shows us how we operate and how those around us operate.

Knowing this holds the possibility of transformation. Human Design gives us the tools to see the mechanics of who we are. Not only that, we also see the mechanics of every one who is in our life. Living life according to our mechanics is how we respect ourself. Having correct interaction with others is also how we respect ourself as well as respecting the other. Knowing how we and those around us operate is not enough. The knowledge needs to be brought into our day to day life. This is not easy because it goes against all that we have been conditioned and taught to believe is the way to behave.

Simple does Not mean Easy

We cannot change those around us. We cannot change anything. What we can do is to live correctly as ourselves. The workshop with John Martin and Mary Ann Winiger, “The Art of Basic Human Respect”, begins with respecting yourself first. The only way to respect oneself is to live the mechanics of who we are. It always begins with us first. There are very simple ways to interact correctly with others once we are grounded in operating correctly as ourselves. This is the deepest form of respect we can ever give ourselves and another human being.

Respect in the seven centered world is based on position, power, wealth, age, fame …. it is all about what you have accomplished and what you do. Imagine what it would be like to be respected for living out your true nature and your uniqueness. Imagine what it would be like to simply be respected for your presence .Imagine what it would be like to respect others simply by treating them correctly.

This is workshop is to experience respect for oneself and for the other in the body. It is cellular. This workshop is to move the knowledge of Human Design mechanics from the mind into the body. It is incredible to experience HD alive in the form. So much of Human Design is about frequency. It is a vibration – a signal – that is sent out from one person to another. And it is this that has caused all the difficulties and pain in our interactions. What we say is not what we are sending out as a frequency.

The Art of Basic Human Respect

Knowing Human Design does not bring cellular transformation, living it does.
Sunday January 19-25th • 10:00am – 1:00pm
with Mary Ann Winiger and John Martin

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Below are 2 separate recordings that you may find helpful to understand this process:

Watch Online Presentation about Immersion:

Press the button to the right to watch an online discussion about the immersion process. John and Mary Ann share about their experience with past groups and what this type of event is all about.  This presentation is both slides and audio. Just click the button, let it load. Then press play button upper left hand corner.


Listen about Sedona Live:

John shares about first Immersion with Mary Ann at Sedona Live events. The experience from the event, what’s happening, AND what’s coming soon.