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Human Design Radio – HDRNOW

I love the way of the force. Shavan our tech wizard in Hawaii has been after me for years to do a internet Radio thing. However, every time he brought it up I was like: That sounds hard, too complicated, like too much work, or whatever!! This of course is the danger of having generator friends, because while working on something else, he got a response and a burst of mutation and created it!! Within about 24 hours of his inspiration it had been created and I had been trained to use it!!…NOW this is freaking awesome! and clearly something I would have never gotten around to.

So now we are hacking into the matrix and broadcasting our pirate signal with at least a few shows a week. Again, I love the joke because this is such a great deal for me as a projector. My job for lack of a better word is to hang out with people I like, and talk to them about our shared passion. I love the joke, what a scam….and I am sort of working HEE HEE. So tune in hear to hear the latest about The human design experiment, what’s happening and coming in the world of HD. This is great place to share both the art and experience of living this.

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Human Design Radio – HDRNOW

This is the main HDRNOW page you can listen to all of current shows and past broadcast here.  The archive link at bottom of the page will show you everything we have done.  New shows are are posted here as they happen, we have no schedule or plan. You may wish to subscribe to one or both of the Face book pages below to be notified about new shows as they are released.

YouTube – Human Design Unleashed

There is no way I could even begin to talk to all the people that I get to reach trough YOU Tube. As a collective being, here to share with the world,  having this  tool to reach the planet is incredible. What many of you may not understand is “I” never do any of this. I am not even allowed to have the keys to these pages. Everything I have ever done, has been produced by Generator energy. So when I say I have no access to my own pages, that is what I mean, I am not allowed to touch them. I get invited to talk and they share what I say. This project is no different except it is designed to be ongoing and for the first time ever you guys, the listener supported network, can have input. So please Donate and then Follow us here.

Human Design Unleashed Facebook Page

Welcome to the Human Design Unleashed Studio Facebook page, where John Martin and a cast of characters offer unique perspectives on their HD experiment. We are here to empower you to be your Self and are about to UNLEASH an explosive celebration of human differentiation on this incredible planet we call Earth. Unlike the past, where the videos were shot over a few days, then posted and never worked on again, this project is setup to be be ongoing and more interactive. And, now we’re on Facebook!
And, NO, John is not on Facebook…