Investigations Into the Magic of Human Design

Online Class with J.R. Richmond

Investigations into the Magic of Human Design

I (Randy) invite you to join us as we explore the Human Design system from an occult, magical perspective. The chart is a portal, created by a mathematical formula, through which you can see your destiny, your incarnation in this life. While your education in Human Design is mechanical, the alchemy of Design is transcendental. There is a magic in the way these numbers dance with each other, forming geometries and correspondences within ourselves and through our associations. It is an occult science. Occult because it has its own language. Science because it is the language of numbers, definitions, and locations on a chart. It is a logical system because it makes sense and is verified by your own experience. Logic is transferable, which means you can learn it.

Logic Becomes Your Magic

The Magic happens after you have studied the definitions, looked at enough charts, and found your voice in describing what you see. We will discuss how you may best go about finding your own particular voice. I will discuss the various ways of penetrating the veil using as examples previous occultists from Aliester Crowley to Madame Blavatsky, from Nicola Tesla to Nostradamus . All of these were on a quest for knowledge: something that would transform the mundane into the extraordinary, a Philosopher’s Stone that would enable them to turn the leaden experiences of life into gold. “Know Thyself” was the inscription over the temple of Delphi. All knowledge is self knowledge, in the words of Plato. The knowing of this can move the experience of life as you know it to a higher octave of being, to a realm that can only be called Magical – It is the Great Work.

If you feel called to this work, I invite you to join us.

We are looking to begin our exploration in April 2013, these classes will be the first Saturday of each month. Please click here to receive our newsletter and be notified.