Way of The Jedi

LYDG Certification: A Online Experiential Journey
Human Design Hawaii : Jedi Training

Way Of The Jedi

This is my own personal take on how to best pursue your Human Design education, with emphasis on really embodying this knowledge and, if correct for you, becoming a Living Design Guide. This training includes all of the foundational requirements (LYD, ABC’s, Rave C, and LYD Guide training) for any professional path in Human Design. It allows me to really watch your progress, and take an ongoing and personal interest in your process. You get my entire focus, madness, and insatiable fuel to correct, with weekly meetings over the course of about a year. This really gives us time, the crucial ingredient. To put things in perspective, this is over 100 hours of training and exercises. You can learn to fly an airplane in about 50.

“On many long journeys have I gone. And waited, too, for others to return from journeys of their own. Some return; some are broken; some come back so different only their names remain.”

- Yoda - Jedi Warrior

To me, learning to fly your life with the reckless abandon required to let go of your familiar way of living is infinitely more challenging than flying an airplane. I will be training you not only how to navigate your spaceship (your life), but how to be a good flight instructor or guide for others. Your destiny, should you complete your training, is to be a certified Living Design Guide. Please be clear that you are being invited to become your own unique brand of spiritual warrior. This process is not easy, and is generally highly destructive to life as you presently think you understand it.

Classes and Support

Each of the four official classes is taught in order, building upon one another. To me this is not just the introduction to Human Design, but a deep foundation for the entire system. If you master this level of the information and practice, you can own the system. If you do not master the basics, you can know everything and still know nothing! To this end I am relentless in drilling you about same. I bring you the most impactful presentations each week, followed by a forum where we look week after week at your chart and process. Each class is recorded, and all of the presentation material is yours to use in any way that you see fit.

In addition to the weekly meetings, we also set up a student support group, hosted by other Jedi’s, and guide’s here at Human Design Hawaii. In these forums, students are encouraged to share their experiences and resources with each other. The Jedi Training  process can be quite challenging, and this ongoing support group allows students to form their own bonds.  A lot of the really great work happens between the students. This is also a good way for participants to practice sharing information and reviewing charts in a safe environment. Our virtual classroom is available for this and any other class projects that come up.

The Bargain

My commitment is to you and your process. I will do everything I can to help you. However, it is quite likely you may want to kill me a good deal of the time. You may find my approach harsh. Rocking people out of their dream state is a messy business, and most people do not want their realities tampered with. However, if you are inviting me to train you, then this is what you are inviting. You will be facing the same dilemma in your own Human Design work as well, so this is a good training ground for same. It is good to remember:  “Whoever gets mad first, loses!!” Nothing that is really YOU can be threatened or destroyed.

The cost of the entire course is $3,300 dollars. This is the same cost as set by the international school and a lot less than I charge to teach privately. This program is billed at $300 dollars a month, regardless of which section we are covering. If you join this training you are agreeing to same. Please know that either party may cancel at any time. You will be tested and retested; you must demonstrate competence before I will graduate you.

If you would like to join my next training,  please be in touch for a pre-enrollment interview.  I am open to payment plans.
Human Design Hawaii : Jedi Training