Devon Wright

Human Design Hawaii

Devon Wright

6/3 Ego Projector

Left Angle Cross of Healing (2)

Here to empower the other by living as a
unique example of himself.

About Devon

Mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?”

Alice: “ I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

- Lewis Carroll

Being a 6/3 projector in my mid 20’s I bring my unique perspective to the Human Design system. I really enjoy sharing this knowledge with people new in their experiment, I focus on aura mechanics and the basics of strategy and authority.

When I was around 17 years old I realized that I was pretending to be something I wasn’t, I was unhappy and living a false life. My life took a sudden change in direction and I ended up going to South America a few times to learn and experience some of the local shamanic practices. This led me to explore different spiritual practices and healing modalities, always bouncing from one thing to the next and never really feeling complete with anything I experimented with. When I stumbled across Human Design I was skeptical at first, however there was a deep recognition in my body that couldn’t let it go.

I have been experimenting living as a Projector and studying Human Design since August 2013 and have found it has given me amazing tools to make correct decisions in my life. Following my Strategy and Authority has impacted me in more ways than I could have ever imagined, revealing deep truths about myself and how I move through this world.

Devon’s Chart


Born in the quarter of duality, Devon is a 6/3 Projector with Ego Projected authority on the Left Angle Cross of Healing (2).

The 51-25 is the channel of Initiation, a design of needing to be first. Designed to withstand and deliver shock, he has a single definition connecting his heart to his G center, giving him the will power to be himself.

As a 6/3 living out his 3/3 profile in his first 28 years, he is here to make the correct mistakes and embody the trail and error process. By living out his unique design he can empower and initiate the other into their unique direction.



Living Your Design Sessions

Devon offers living your design sessions to help you to start experimenting with your Design. Focusing on aura mechanics, your strategy and authority, and looking deeply at your open centers, Devon can potentially guide and empower you to find your unique frequency.

Living Your Design Session – 2 part session, covering the foundation of your chart and how to start experimenting with your design. In person, Skype, or Telephone (USA) 90 Minutes per session . – $200

* Continued Support – In Person, Skype, or Telephone (USA)  – $100

You will have the option to download an audio recording (MP3) of the session.

Youth Discounts

Devon is offering lower session rates to people 30 and under. Please contact him by email to learn more.

  • $70 for people ages 21 – 30
  • $50 for people 20 and under

*First Living Your Design Session is free for people 20 years old and younger*


What has been said about Devon:

“Devon is full of surprises. When I first encountered Devon I thought….”what will this 20-something-year-old have to offer me?” And oh, was I surprised!  Devon is like a trojan horse. Every time I consult with Devon … our interaction seems so gentle, delightful and soothing, yet afterwards, I discover that something very deep went in and has changed me inside. I treasure Devon’s insight and presence on my journey. If you are fortunate enough to consult with Devon, be prepared to be gently shocked into the truth!”