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Randy Richmond : Human Design Hawaii

Randy Richmond

6/3 Projector

Left Angle Cross of Dedication

Here to transmit deep and unique insights that can break through the mundane and mutate the way you perceive the world.

Randy Richmond : Human Design Hawaii

About Randy

Through fire and water, from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak, I fought him…

Until at last, I threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside.

Darkness took me. And I strayed out of thought and time. Stars wheeled overhead and every day was as long as a life-age of the earth. But it was not the end. I felt life in me again.

I’ve been sent back until my task is done.

- Gandalf, the White Wizard

Randy is the Chairman of the Human Design Standards Board (from 2000), and is the Registrar of the International Human Design School in charge of certification of new Human Design analysts. Randy was educated privately in the Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu in 1999 and has continued his education in all the classes taught by Ra since that time.

Randy has worked in the field of alcoholism and drug addiction for 35 years. He uses the Human Design System to tailor recovery strategies with the unique definition of the individual chart. (see Recovery by Design) He is the author of Side by Side, a synthesis of the 12 Step Programs and a Course in Miracles. He is an Egyptologist with the University of Arizona and a life member of Mensa.

Randy Speaks

Science is trying to unravel the secrets of our genetic code, but only in a general “one size fits all” model. Human Design can be specific as to your personal genetic formula. This information is presented in a bodygraph with nine centers, which represent your mind, emotions, heart, intuition, and what rhythms and patterns govern your movement through life. Human Design can give you a strategy for living your life authentically as yourself.

The bodygraph is a mirror and through it you will recognize yourself. You will come to understand basic truths about yourself that Freud and Jung could never tell you. They couldn’t tell you because they didn’t know. They didn’t have this tool. Can you imagine how Freud or Jung would have felt if they’d had a map of their own unconscious? That map is included in your bodygraph. Freud and Jung speculated about a collective unconscious that we all participated in, but had no idea what a person’s private unconscious looked like.

They never really understood what was moving under their own consciousness. They could have seen it in a moment if they’d had this knowledge. You can see it now. There are those who can help you interpret it, or you can learn it for yourself.

Randy’s Chart

Human Design: Randy Richmond's Chart

Randy is a 6/3 Splenic Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Dedication.

Randy’s gift is seeing everything and bringing support to the tribe through the message he carries. As a role model / martyr designed to make every mistake, he knows what really works and what does not. Randy is an Alpha, a leader who has gone his own way, a genius freak.

Having deeply immersed himself in the code, Randy has the ability to disregard predescribed patterns and see a whole new possibility of how things can be structured.  He embodies the power to mutate the way your mind works and how you see the world.


Contact:   jr@humandesignservices.com    Website:  Humandesignservices.com

Analysis – $200

Randy offers Rave analysis. This advanced reading is a detailed penetration of the code. It is an incredible adventure to have this genius wizard unveil your potential through the mythology of your design. We recommend this type of reading for people who are already firmly established in their experiment. Please contact Randy via email with your birth data and phone number prior to purchasing a session.

What people have said about Randy:

Of course you should work with him!! He is the head of our order. He is the high priest. -John

Your reading far exceeded all my expectations and I can now stop giving myself a hard time about a few things. Your explanation of a 6th line being explains a lot of things. —T.G.

I had a really fabulous Human Design reading with Randy Richmond. It was the best, so interesting, tons of information delivered by Randy with wonderful humor and wit. —L.B.

Woke up with a feeling of bliss, which is abnormal for me. Still feel high from the reading and it’s implications for society. Thanks for your warm and generous conversation, one that has no beginning or end. Biggest prize is the insight on my son; it couldn’t have been better timed. You have thrown me a life line. This feels like a gift from a true friend, and I am greatly thankful to you. —S.S.

Thanks for an amazing time on the phone yesterday. A different focused perspective it certainly was and very valuable for me to hear. It seemed to me a straight to the point kind of information that is so relevant to what I have been and am going through, and so practical. You are so clever to synthesize and condense the material. —I.J.

Thank you for your dedication to some very important life work. I agree that this could bring so much peace to individuals and then back into the whole. WOW!!! I’m babbling, as I can’t find words to express the vision that comes up for me. —S.H.

Thank you again, I really enjoyed my reading with you…I so appreciate your directness, wit, compassion, intelligence, and deep understanding of Design to make it practical and real. —G.C