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Human Design Sedona Live

Sedona was the birth place for Human Design in America. Most of the original classes where taught here and Ra lived here during his time in America. So it is fitting that this has become the new gathering place. Sedona is epically beautiful and remote, providing a real pilgrimage feel. Like Hawaii it carries Psychoactive properties and it lures you in with its beauty, the majesty of the desert and breathtaking landscape.  It has the feeling of being absorbed into the landscape, timeless, ancient. However the electric current and energy of this place is known for breaking people down, so beware. It is NOT tame. This is great place to escape your life and an excellent place to die to who you think you are.

“IT”- The Space

All Magic needs a gathering place and now we have one. The space affectionately known as “IT” has a life of its own. Clearly we just work for “IT” and are now part of  it’s trip.  Having been personally involved with Human Design for well over a decade this is a really exciting time for me, to be here and to be part of all of this. We now have a live space to practice our art,  a physical location dedicated to the development of form consciousness. Nothing other than HD happens here.  The space is on the second floor with floor to ceiling windows and has a incredible  view of the red rocks. IT  is located in West Sedona, right behind a great coffee house. However most important to me personally is the energy, the “Baraka”. It feels like an ancient temple, and you can feel the cellular current of mutation. I also love that the windows are tinted because people are always coming by, trying to see in and figure out what is happening here.

The Hang Out- Java Love Cafe

Another very cool part of our new venue is Java Love Cafe which is situated in the same courtyard as Sedona Live. Java Love provides a great place to hang out and enjoy  coffee  while talking Human Design, or taking breaks during events. This is the local’s coffee shop for West Sedona and comes with it’s own very interesting and entertaining bunch of characters. This is also the coffee shop where Mary Ann went through some of the early and really radical years of waiting at the beginning of her experiment. This where she journal-ed  and wrote a good deal of the poetry in her book “A Revolution of One”.  I am there most mornings and spend a good deal of time just hanging out. It is the perfect lobby and hang out place for our venue.

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