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The HD Unleashed Video library is where you can sample a few of the web shows broadcast live. The full library is available to HD Unleashed subscribers but we will always offer a few “free” videos so you can get a taste/feel of what this is about.

If you are just starting out with your experiment – or are a first time visitor to this site – you might want to start with Aura – How You Meet the World, or one of the other HD Basic or HD Video pages.

Subscribers get access to everything we are doing any time on a live stream. We are producing up to 6 shows a month, some will be live and some not. For those who really can’t afford it, check this page from time to time. We’ll rotate some free shows through here so you can see what we’re doing. And yes, please share with your friends if you’d like.

For now … $20 a month gives you access to everything … live web shows AND our growing video library, including some of John’s Jedi Training aura and overview lectures. For those of you that want to be a part of this, show you support by subscribing.  ($20 a month, or a lump-sum donation would be great. YOU decide what is correct for you.)

Sample Web Shows

Feel free to watch any of these Sample Web Show recordings done on our new virtual platform. You’ll need the Adobe Flash Player (so no iPhones or iPads, unless you install the Puffin app web browser) and a good Internet connection. It might take as long as 30 seconds for the recording to start so don’t give up right away – or call us!!

Way of the Projector with John Martin

Way of the Projector with John MartinThis is the Unleashed version of Way of the Projector. The video starts with “nobody knows shit” and ends with “figure it out for yourself” and “fuck bliss.” Some keynotes: Projector transmission, on being the tip of the spear, mastering your Art, and the gift and the curse of “seeing.”

I don’t know if I want to kiss you or slap you.” John seems to have this effect on many people.

The webcam refocuses here and there throughout. John’s getting too much of a tan for the studio? No, it’s the lighting.

Way of the Generator with John Martin

Slide1Every year, in the wake of new experiences, John updates his perspective on the mechanics of each of the 4 aura types in his Jedi training program. When living on Kauai he was mainly surrounded by Projectors. Sedona has been a place to get to know more about how the Generator aura works, or doesn’t.

This year’s BIG question, does a Generator need yes/no questions to respond? John has lot to say about this, starting with “the point is response, not questions and not sounds.” If you have been feeling like a “rudderless” Generator, wondering where YOUR response is, you might want to check this out.

Emotional Dilemma Web Show with Theresa Blanding

TB On Unleashed - Emotional DilemmaThis is one of those shows that magically came out of the Unleashed studios, a powerful conversation about the biggest mechanic in Human Design. From the nervousness frequencies, to the instability of the emotional wave, we pretty much covered it all in a way that should be easily understandable for newer people. Even if you’ve been in this for a while, you might not have heard it quite like this.  It was quite clear to us, Theresa was on a roll and WE were riding HER wave.

Whether you have an open or defined Solar Plexus please do watch it for yourself, and/or share with your friends who are in this experiment. All of this is, in the end, is about returning a natural state. Truly, there is nothing wrong with you. Trust yourself.

Inter-Aura Interaction with John Martin

Whether by fate or stupidity, John got assigned to be a crash test dummy for the whole aura system. He’s kicked, prodded, poked and pushed every Aura Type just to see what “it” would do. What else would you expect from an heretical Projector who is here to challenge everything? It’s given him the freedom to experience both the gift and the curse of how these interactions work, or not.

Even within Type, there are questions. Who invites first, who says hello first, such seemingly simple energetic truths quickly turn into mental stupidity until YOU start to understand this in your bones. Aura talks, period. These guidelines are simply helpful guidelines for healthy interactions. Check it out?

Connection Charts with Randy (JR) Richmond

Slide1Ah, yes, the other. I have this and they have that, together we have all these electromagnetics. What does that mean? Are we meant for each other, would we be good work partners? NO, it Means nothing, at least not from the place the mind asks the questions. The mechanics in the code are real, but your ability to pre-determine what will happen? Again, NO!

Randy talked about what made John Lennon and Paul McCartney “the Beatles,” as well as several other connection charts. Be prepared to buckle up and take the whole ride!! For this one you might need to understand HD already.

This is Human Design Web Show

This is Human Design cover slideJohn attempts to explain what Human Design is or could be to a total new comer, someone who has never even heard of this system. This was our first real test of a full live production. Topics: What IS Human Design, The 7-9 Center Mutation, The Dilemma Inherent in your Design, A New Way to Make Decisions, What’s Really Going On Here (The Imprint) Otherwise known as YOU ARE NOT in CHARGE.

Yes, the recording for this show sticks in a few places.