Youth Program

Throwing "Children" into the Void

“For years, in fact since I started HD, I have been waiting to SEE this happen, a Human Design Youth Program. The “warrior” has arrived. Devon Wright, a young 6/3 Projector on the Cross of Healing (2) has stepped up to take this on. Ra said HD is for the children. Well, the children are here, and some of them are in their 20’s now!” ~ John

Our aim is simple: to empower younger people (under 30-ish) in this experiment to trust in their strategy and authority, to really get in touch with what it is for you, how it works for you. We don’t care what “the books” say. You’ll be expected to find your OWN truth here. The Forum is the place where you can share experiences, deepen your process, and maybe get through this life with fewer of the messed up conditioning influences that the rest of us are dealing with.

This is not an official educational program. This is a chance to discuss your process with other people who are also experimenting with their Design. We’re here to learn how it works for you, and to provide a Forum to call out the not-self, too, so YOU can start to see when the Mind is trying to take control. Whatever other educational Human Design programs you might be involved with, this can empower and enhance your experiment.

How We Think it Will Work

Another experiment! Is it even possible? The  Forum, itself, can either be topical, or not, with a weekly forum to discuss that topic and any other questions that arise. Devon will adapt…he might even be the instigator!

  • You will have private Facebook page – Devon will invite you.
  • A lecture will be posted to the Facebook page, and it will be open to you for a week.
  • Devon will make the same presentation available in the room to discuss.
  • If you can’t make it to the Forums, you can still participate.
  • Anyone can be excused at any time.

devonpicDevon is a Living Your Design Guide, pre-Saturn return. He successfully led the year-long Jedi training Forum. He did it so well that some of the Jedi students won’t go away! So, it is also possible that some them will join Devon in facilitating. We’ll see!

So, we begin the new “Unleashed Youth” program by throwing Devon to the wolves and letting him teach some basic Human Design concept lectures and discussions. We’ll also be offering a deeply discounted rate on John’s Self-Empowerment lectures for those who want them.

If you have questions about this, please contact Devon,

How You Can Participate – the Options:


The Basic Unleashed Youth Program Subscription

$20/month gives you access to the Youth Forum with Devon, plus invitations to any and all Unleashed Webinars and Live Internet Shows with John, and the other cast of characters practicing “their” Art.. You can attend live or watch any of the show recordings in “the Vault,” past and future.


HD Unleashed Youth Program plus access to the entire streaming library from John’s Jedi Self-Study Lectures

$50/month gives you access to everything you get with the Basic Youth Subscription AND the recordings of this past year’s Jedi training lectures, a self-study option for those not interested in official training.

Single Contribution

If you just want to give this try for a month, or prefer to pay for a few months at a time.

If you’d like to check this out before “committing” to ongoing participation, use this button to make a single payment, and we’ll give you access accordingly. The monthly thing helps us … makes it easier … but we understand that it’s not for everyone. You’ll get access to previous Unleashed show recordings and to the Forum recordings.