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Welcome to Human Design Unleashed Studios. The best way to get a feel for what we’re doing? Check out the Unleashed Web Show library page where you can watch some of our recent web shows.

What is Human Design Unleashed?

For years John has received countless requests to do more in the world of YouTube. More classes, more information and more guidance about the process. In 2014 that happened. We launched the Unleashed YouTube page and produced about 40 videos designed to empower YOU in your Experiment.

In 2015 we launched our Live Web Show “series,” lectures and talk shows where John can offer his perspective on key aspects of the Human Design System and interview other HD warriors about their experiences. It’s live, it’s dynamic and it makes it possible for us to share this information with those who might already be involved in HD studies, as well as those who are not able to afford – or even want – to be in traditional training.

Our “headquarters” relocated back to Hawaii in 2016, where a dedicated studio was built. In 2018 we started live broadcasting, FREE and open to the public, Living Your Design – An Awakening Program. John’s insatiable can’t help-it-if-he-tried mission? To get you to a place where you can self-verify for yourself that you’re in charge of Nothing! Sure, you can watch and name and identify, but the point of all of this is Passenger Consciousness. It’s not about getting a degree in the knowledge but about learning to fly your life!

There are many official training programs. This is NOT that !!! John’s true gift is taking this complex knowledge and making it SIMPLE.

For now … $20 a month gives you access to everything … live web shows AND our growing video library, including some of John’s Jedi Training aura and overview lectures. For those of you that want to be a part of this, show you support by subscribing.  ($20 a month, or a lump-sum donation would be great. YOU decide what is correct for you.)

Watching and Following:

Unleashed Web Show Library

From time to time we’ll switch up the “free” videos on The HD Unleashed Video library page so you can check out what we’re doing, and/or share this project with people you know who might be interested in Human Design and John’s perspective. Carried away, joyous, insatiable drive to correct and challenge.

YouTube – Human Design Unleashed

As collective beings, here to share with the world, having this  tool to reach the planet is incredible.  The Unleashed project is designed to be ongoing…until we run out of fuel anyway…and for the first time ever you guys, the listener supported network, can have input. So please Subscribe if you like what we’re doing and then Follow us here.

Human Design Unleashed Facebook Page

If you’re into it, you can get current news about what we’re doing on the Human Design Unleashed Studio Facebook page. We are here to empower you to be your Self and to UNLEASH an explosive celebration of human differentiation on this incredible planet we call Earth. Facebook seems to be a good portal for this, at least for now. And, NO, John is not on Facebook…