Human Design Hawaii

John Martin

Human Design Hawaii

John Martin

12/30/69 - 06/13/23​

6/2 Projector

Left Angle Cross of Demands

Here to have an insatiable drive to correct and challenge life in order to perfect form, finding joy in the chaos.

In Memoriam

About John

Johns real joy came from helping people live this knowledge so they could discover their own mythology. When he was working one-on-one with someone, they would get his entire focus. This laser focus, the suspension of mind, and the cellular transmission that occurs was his skill and gift as a projector. It has been reported by many that his sharing of this information had been deeply penetrating and at times highly confronting. The word “intense” has been used quite often. Shaking people out of their dream states is a messy business. Most people will fight to defend the prison of their own mind.

If you were asking John to work with you, you were inviting an insatiable fuel to see what is not working and to help you see this as well. His job was to ask the hard questions and see where you are lying to yourself. This can be very destabilizing. However, nothing that is you can be harmed, only what is not you.

After all these years, it became so clear to John that the only thing that matters, what really works and protects you in this knowledge, is the honoring of your aura mechanics. From the moment he woke each day, John devoted himself entirely to the perfection of being in form NOW.

John would ask people to be clear about what they were inviting. He would attack every belief you held dear, to see what withstands the test of your own form consciousness. John loved the intensity of this process and would fight and bleed with his clients, but he would not fight against them.

“I can push you off the cliff, but I will not carry you to the edge.” -John Martin

John is a Nagual (shamanic wizard). Claiming nothing. Doing nothing. He sees me clearly and is unyieldingly present in himself.

Out of nowhere, his frequency interrupts my patterns and shatters the world as I’ve known it.

He allows the mind nowhere to hide, and shocks me into a different state of consciousness.”

John’s Chart

John Martin's Chart

John was a 6/2 Spleen Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Demands.

John’s gift, as funny at it may sound, was to see everything that did not work. Nothing was ever correct, only less fucked up. This insatiable fuel to challenge life and judge the acuteness of form consciousness was his art, his source of constant amusement. You may have experienced him as demanding, but his entire life was demanding of him, as he was under relentless pressure to be correct in every movement.

John was a role model, when he was invited he brought incredible inspiration to peoples process, seeing and painting archetypal pictures of the mythology that underlies their designs.

The Last Transmission

Two days before he departed the Earth plane John recorded one last message for the collective.

What people have said about John:

“Your judgmental system is so acute, that if God was your best friend you would give God shit daily.” -Ra
“All John knows or cares about is strategy, authority, and it’s a good day to die.” -Isa
“I have witnessed John Martin engage in the most authentic and radical transformation that I have ever seen.” – Ken Carlson
“John, for whatever it’s worth, I feel you! Know that you are valued and appreciated and loved more than you can ever comprehend…I see your role and it’s HUGENESS for the planet…the visionary part of me I guess….I can be good at that for others.” 🙂 -Tanya
“I want to honor your incredible bravery and honesty in being able to share your process so publicly. It is amazing watching the different aspects of how you teach — the fun loving HD guide who roams the halls of YouTube turning millions onto HD with your videos — and the teacher who shares the shadow side of his shatterings and awakening process. I know for me you teach me so much in sharing about your shadow side. Warriors continually need role-models in the unfolding awakening process. Ra never really talks about how hard it can be to awaken and what it means to let go of the not-self. you are an awesome role-model!” -Mike
“I can’t thank you enough for inviting me and for being the projector you are. I couldn’t have gotten it from Ra, and I doubt I could have gotten it from Mary Ann. But you in the center, with your beautiful way of working with people and your powerful, exacting silence — you put it all together for me.” -Janna