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The Unleashed Video Library

John’s insatiable can’t-help-it-if-he-tried mission? To get you to a place where you can self-verify for yourself that you’re in charge of Nothing! Sure, you can watch and name and identify, but the point of all of this is Passenger Consciousness. It’s not about getting a degree in the knowledge but about learning to fly your life! John’s true gift is taking this complex knowledge and making it SIMPLE.

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Public Shows - Open to All

Living as Self - Personal Validation (videos)

In this latest series, John steps outside of the traditional teachings of Human Design and points to the “truth” underlying our existence. That is what this whole HD deal is about. Waking up to that fact that you don’t have a clue, and thinking otherwise is called delusion. Intro to Tonal Cognition was a collaborative transmission with Theresa Blanding. If you’ve had ‘trouble’ with your inner authority, you might want to watch!

The real conspiracy is that we think we think, which includes everything in the known universe, including You.

The Real Conspiracy is We Think

Awareness: The Undisputed Bottom Line

Human Suffering: Distortion by Design

The Lost Art of Negation

The Personality is the Not Self

Intro to Tonal Cognition

Living as Self - Wolf Knowledge (Audio Series)

Theresa Blanding joined John to record Living as Self, Wolf Knowledge. 

The mind loves complex, one of its tricks for staying in control. It’s going to be hard to see past the current narrative. However, as Theresa points out, The Truth always gets covered in BS. So we are returning to nothing to believe ‘here.’

This is not to be believed; it’s yours to verify, or not.

The Truth is buried in bullshit. That’s how it’s always been protected. The Truth, itself, can stand alone … if it’s the Truth.

Living as Self: Wolf Knowledge

Living as Self: Challenging Authority

Living as Self: Personal Validation

The Awakening Program

John planned to update the basic Living Your Design lectures before he was interrupted by the largest volcanic event in the recorded history of humans. He got 3 done before Pele, the island goddess of fire and volcanos, came along and interrupted the plan. 

Welcome to being in charge. You can watch any of the 3 lectures below by clicking on its image.

Living Your Design – Awakening

‘Your Bubble’ & ‘The Life’

Way of the Manifestor

HD Unleashed Web Shows: for Subscribers

The Emotional Dilemma with Theresa Blanding

This series magically came out of the Unleashed studios, a powerful conversation series with Theresa about the biggest mechanic in Human Design, the Solar Plexus center. From the nervousness frequencies, to the instability of the emotional wave, we pretty much covered it all in a way that should be easily understandable for newer people.

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 1

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 2

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 3

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 4

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 5

The Emotional Dilemma - Chapter 6

Other Shows with John and Theresa

Theresa and John explored the mystical side of Human Design, and the connection between Generators and Projectors, with an encore discussion about ‘the emotional dilemma’ (Seeing the Thing vs. Being the Thing). 

The Force Awakens - Part 1

The Force Awakens - Part 2

Love Yourself

Mystery of the Generator/Projector Interface - Part 1

Mystery of the Generator/Projector Interface - Part 2

Being the Thing vs. Seeing the Thing

HD Unleashed with Randy (JR) Richmond

We had the good fortune to host mad HD scientist Randy (JR) Richmond to the studio, another of the original HD warriors alongside Ra. We might have had a “planned agenda” but once Randy got going, we never knew where he’d take us. He was a one-of-a-kind 6/3 Projector, totally unleashed!

Three 6th Line Projectors

Connection Charts

Alchemy of Human Design

Fools on the Hill

Halloween the HD Way

HD Unleashed with John Martin

In this collection of web shows John shared his experiences and perspectives on different aspects of life inside the Human Design experiment. At times he was joined by co-conspirators Joan “Raven” Friedlander and Devon Wright, who share the same.

These shows were inspired by listener questions, what John saw missing in the education, or the pressing need to share something that couldn’t be helped. What must come out, must come out.

Interaura Interaction

Listener Questions

Recovering from Human Design

So You Got this Chart

Surviving 14 Years as a Projector

This is Human Design

Unleashed - Way of the Projector

Other Unleashed Shows and Remotes

From time to time we invited former Jedi students and other HD warriors into the studio, including John’s original teacher, Doug Hetrick.

The Letting Go Show with Doug Hetrick

Wading it Out with Wade Pajares

Return to Innocence with Stephanie Maharaj

Gone Dougin'

Projector Chat with Devin Rathael

Tuning into Your Own Authority

Strange Observations with Devon Wright

To Master Any Art A Strong Foundation Is Essential