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I offer all of the foundational education required for any path in Human Design. For me these classes are not just an introduction to Human Design, but a deep immersion in the foundation and essence of the entire system. If you really master these cornerstones, you can understand the whole system. It can be that simple. Having dedicated myself to teaching this level of HD I can offer you my cutting, and often hilarious stories, while educating you about same.

This program allows you to empower yourself and work directly with me. You get access to all of the lectures from my year-long Jedi “Guide” training program (see content below). If you’d like to begin by checking out the library first, great. Since we’re working directly and privately together this program is designed specifically for you. It’s all about your pace, your timing. You can go as far as you want, from Living Your Design all the way through to Official Guide Training.

"You think Yoda stops teaching, just because his student does not want to hear?

A teacher Yoda is. Yoda teaches like drunkards drink, like killers kill.”

All lectures are stored in our private online library. They walk you step by step through this system. Start when you’re ready, quit when you want. The cost for access to the material is $100 a month. 

(You can sample some of the content below. If the image expands when you hover over it, just click to watch.)

Educational Material – $100/month

Gives you access to entire library of lectures from Jedi training and everything on HD Unleashed.

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Living Your Design

Living Your Design

Living Your Design is the most important class for me personally. Here is where you learn to see and share the most crucial aspects of Human Design…and most importantly of course, how to deepen your process to live your own. The LYD program outlines the most essential elements in this system. We look at the birth of the Human Design system, the synthesis, the virus, and how it came into the world. We look deeply at each of the 4 different aura frequencies and see how they meet the world. We study the 7 authorities and how to make decisions in the body without the mind. We also look at the 9 centers, to see how each operates properly and what the conditioning elements are.

“This is giving me permission in a way to let the cat out of the cage. I’m definitely feeling and experiencing things I have not felt before.”

Way of the Jedi

Way of the Generator

Way of the Projector

Way of the Manifestor

Way of the Reflector

Intro to Center Mechanics

The Awareness Centers

The Pressure Centers

G, Ego and Sacral Centers

Intro to the "Minor" Authorities

Intro to the "Major" Authorities"

Rave ABCs

Rave ABCs

Rave ABCs opens you to the world of circuitry, where you begin to see all the different connecting elements in the chart, how energy moves, and the frequency it carries. We look at the major circuit groups: Individual, Tribal, and Collective. The Individual carries mutation, melancholy, and uniqueness. The tribe brings religions, bargains, and support. The Collective is about the world and how both the logical and the abstract play a role in sharing information based on patterns and experience. We also investigate the red and the black imprints, or the conscious and unconscious aspects of our design, and see how these affect the life. In this section we also introduce line value and hexagram structure.

– John is spot on! and hilarious!!! I love the way he sees it and shares… his seeing and precision is amazing.

Intro to Rave ABC's

The Red and the Black

Individual Circuitry

Collective Circuitry

Tribal Circuitry


Lines and Hexagrams

Cosmology & The Biverse

Rave Cartography

Rave Cartography continues the mapping of the life, and brings together many of the concepts introduced in the earlier courses. We take a deeper look at centers and bring in their biological functions as well as the physiological conditioning associated with each. We also look at “Life Force” and build a deeper understanding of how the channels connecting the centers bring specific energy into the world. We investigate the order or hierarchy of authority and not-self conditioning. We also look at karma, both personal (right angle) and transpersonal (left angle). Here we also look into each of the 12 profiles. Building on our hexagram knowledge we see the costume that each of us wears.

– Our Jedi [classes] impacted me a lot … even the next day I would still experience the empowerment. I like to listen again to the recordings as I am in the flow during the class.

Intro to Rave Cartography

Head, Anna, Throat

Ego, G, Sacral

Spleen, Root. Solar Plexus

Intro Life Force, Mental Channels

Format and Power Column

Spleen and Integration

Ego, Centering, Defense, SP

Splits, Intro to Profile


Profile, Intro to Role Gates

Role Gates

Educational Material – $100/month

Gives you access to the above lectures from Jedi training and everything on HD Unleashed.

*Please select monthly donation at check out.

To Master Any Art A Strong Foundation Is Essential