Human Design Hawaii

Devon Wright

Human Design Hawaii

Devon Wright

6/3 Ego Projector

Left Angle Cross of Healing (2)

Here to empower, shock, and initiate the other into spirit by living as a unique example of themself.

About Devon

I have been experimenting and teaching for over 10 years and I have found that it doesn’t matter if I am alone, in a crowd, in medicine/dream spaces, or any other scenario, how to consistently navigate as myself is always the same.

I love to teach people about their designs and help them start experimenting with it in their everyday lives. For me the real joy and excitement comes from not only sharing someones unique chart, but from living this experiment moment to moment and verifying the information for ourselves.

When working with me, I can help you build the inner awareness it takes to let go of what you think you want… so you can begin to give space for what is actually happening.

This level of focus and attention can bring you back into the center of who you are underneath the story and into the truth of the moment.

"Long I fell, and he fell with me. His fire was about me. I was burned.

Then we plunged into the deep water, and all was dark. Cold it was as the tide of death: almost it froze my heart.”

Devon’s Chart

devon's chart

Devon is a 6/3 Projector born in the quarter of duality. They have Ego Projected authority and are on the Left Angle Cross of Healing (2).

The 51-25 is the channel of Initiation.  It is a deeply individual and mutative channel that is apart of the centering circuit.

As a 6/3 living in their 30’s, Devon is here to be an example of themselves with a body that is constantly bumping into new situations and people, discovering what does and doesn’t work.

When invited Devon can potentially initiate and empower others into spirit.


Living Foundation Session

sliding scale $100 - $250

A 1-2 hour session teaching you the basics of your design. Followed up by another hour session a week later where we can discuss where you are in your process and any questions that may have arisen in that time.

*recommended for your first session and people new to human design

Living Design Session

sliding scale $50 - $100

These are hour long sessions where we can discuss your design, what’s happening currently in your process, as well as any questions that you have.

What has been said about Devon:

“Devon is full of surprises. When I first encountered Devon I thought….”what will this 20-something-year-old have to offer me?” And oh, was I surprised! Devon is like a trojan horse. Every time I consult with Devon … our interaction seems so gentle, delightful and soothing, yet afterwards, I discover that something very deep went in and has changed me inside. I treasure Devon’s insight and presence on my journey. If you are fortunate enough to consult with Devon, be prepared to be gently shocked into the truth!”