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Human Design: Center Mechanics

An Introduction to the Nine Energy Centers

Center Mechanics

These are the 9 energy centers of the body. Through them you can learn what you can and cannot trust. They are either colored/defined (a fixed life force) or white/undefined (amplified and speaking in your head ). At first the most important thing to see is where you are open (white), because this is generally what your mind is obsessed with. It is illuminating to see that what you think you should be is not you at all.
We recommend that you watch all of these videos. Each center is either defined or undefined in you. We suggest that you begin with a focus on your own undefined (white) centers, because this where most people suffer.

Introduction: Center Mechanics

Head Center

Ajna Center

Throat Center

G Center

Ego/Heart Center

Emotional Center (Solar Plexus)

Sacral Center

Splenic Center

Root Center

If Not Home, Go Home

Overview: Center Mechanics