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The Nine Energy Centers

The Nine Centers

We have nine energy centers in our body, each one with its own unique implications for our life. These centers can be either “Defined ” or “Open.” A defined center (colored) means that energy in that center is consistent; you can learn to rely on its fixed energy. An open center (white) means that the energy is coming in from the outside. This energy is amplified, and is not consistent or reliable. It is not you.We have nine energy centers in our body, each one with its own unique implications for our life. These centers can be either “Defined ” or “Open.” A defined center (colored) means that energy in that center is consistent; you can learn to rely on its fixed energy. An open center (white) means that the energy is coming in from the outside. This energy is amplified, and is not consistent or reliable. It is not you.

The Not-Self Mind

An open center can be a wonderful source of wisdom and sensitivity; however, it is generally where you are trapped trying to be what you are NOT. This is what Human Design calls the not-self mind. The monologues and dialogues that take place in your head are fueled by your open centers. This is who you think you are or what you think you should be. The mind is literally obsessed with these themes; this is where and how your mind tortures you. Learning to witness these voices is an incredible tool for dis-identifying with your mind.

The Head Center

The Head Center is the pressure to think. This is one of two pressure centers (the other is the Root). It is the fuel to think though questions, doubts, and confusion. The defined Head center has the ability to be inspirational. When it’s not trying to figure out its own life, its perspective can bring information into the world.
The undefined Head center is taking in everybody else’s thoughts and amplifying them, putting incredible pressure in your head to figure things out and to act on things that have nothing to do with you. The wisdom here is to witness your mind needlessly getting caught in mental ideas and concepts that are not yours. The open Head question is: “Am I trying to answer everybody else’s questions?”

The Ajna Center

The Ajna Center is how you think. A defined Ajna center has a fixed and reliable way in which it processes information. It can seem and feel certain of its opinions, concepts, and theories. It has a consistent way of conceptualizing, and sees information through the same patterns.
The undefined Ajna is under pressure to try to hold onto a mental opinion. With no fixed way of thinking, these people often end up with anxiety about not being consistent, and overcompensate by trying to make everyone else believe that they are certain and smart. The wisdom here is to see that there is no need to have a fixed mental opinion about anything. The open Ajna question is : “Am I trying to convince everyone/myself that I am certain?”

The Throat Center

The Throat Center is about communication. The Throat is the point towards which all the energy in the body is moving to find expression. It is through this center that manifestation, metamorphosis, and transformation take place. The defined Throat speaks in a fixed way, with a consistent expression from whatever energy center it is connected to.
The undefined Throat has no consistent voice, which can cause a nervousness and a pressure to speak. The open Throat can want to attract attention by expressing something or by saying that it will do something (manifest) in order to relieve the pressure. The open Throat can speak in many voices with different ways of expressing, as long as it is not trying to force it. The open center wisdom is to learn that there is nothing that needs to be done or said; silence is okay. The open Throat question is: “Am I trying to attract attention?”

The G Center

The G Center is the identity of the self. This center is about love, behavior, and direction. The defined G center represents a fixed self that behaves and expresses love in a consistent way, and is moving in a fixed trajectory in this life. It is a reliable expression of the self.
The undefined G center has no fixed identity, and can be confused because it is always changing, as each environment brings a new identity. Many open G’s can feel like they need to hold on to a certain identity or love in order to feel secure. The wisdom here is to know that there is no fixed identity and that place (geographic location) is your friend. The open G question is: “Am I looking for love and direction?”

The Ego Center

The Ego center is about willpower.This is where the will to do something or not is expressed as an energy. The defined Ego can make commitments and promises that are healthy for it. It can feel stubborn and often pushy, especially to those with no defined willpower.
The undefined Ego is always under pressure to prove and improve itself. This can be experienced as a deep lack of self worth. The vast majority of people have No willpower, and suffer greatly because the world puts great emphasis on being able to do what you say. The wisdom of the open ego is to know that you are worthy, and to never make promises based in will, or what you or others think you should do. The open Ego center question is : ” Do I have something to prove or improve?”

The Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus is about emotion. The defined Solar Plexus is the source of emotional energy, and works in a wave from hope to pain and back again. The defined emotional center needs time in order to feel its way through the environment, and learns to create space so that it can become clear, never giving in to the pressure to act spontaneously. It is a relief for many to understand that there is no reason for their highs and lows; it is just chemistry.
An undefined Solar Plexus means that you are taking in the emotions of others and amplifying them. The open emotional being has learned to make nice and play nice in order to avoid the volatility of the emotional world. The wisdom here is that you should never trust how you feel (the emotions of others) or allow yourself to be pressured emotionally by others. The open Solar Plexus question is : “Am I avoiding confrontation and truth?”

The Sacral Center

The Sacral Center is the source of life force. It is reproductive, life sustaining energy. The defined Sacral has the capacity to sustain work and create in the world. The Sacral is a response motor and regenerates itself through the correct application of its energy. However, the opposite is also true: it can degenerate into frustration when forced to do work that is not satisfying.
The undefined Sacral means that there is no consistent access to life force. Many people with undefined Sacral centers take in and amplify the energy around them, and end up way overdoing what is energetically correct for them, trying to keep up with the world of the generator. This can be an addiction to energy and sex. The wisdom here is to witness how energy works without getting lost in it. The question is “Do I know when enough is enough?”

The Spleen Center

The Spleen is about survival. The Spleen is our oldest and most primal awareness. The Spleen is also completely existential, meaning that it only works in the now. Based in instinct, it is what is often referred to as intuition. This body-knowing runs through the lymphatic system. Like little tongues, noses and ears covering the body, it is a cat-like sense. Defined Spleens have a fixed sense of well being and can know in the moment how to act in order to survive and be healthy.
Undefined Spleens can feel very vulnerable and often spend a lot of time trying to fix their amplified fears by hanging on to whatever makes them feel more secure, regardless of whether it is actually healthy or not. It is not healthy for undefined Spleens to be spontaneous; they are not here to act in the now. The wisdom for the undefined spleen is to know that the need to feel better or more secure is not them; they are simply amplifying all the fears and insecurities of the world. The open Spleen question is “Am I holding on to what is not good for me?”

The Root Center

The Root Center is about adrenal pressure. It is one of the two pressure centers (the other is the Head). The Root center’s pressure moves energy up through the body to fuel action. Defined Root people are under a constant and consistent pressure to do. It is a healthy energy as long as it entered into and used correctly. It can also be healthy for the defined Root to release pressure through activities such as exercise.
The undefined Root is dealing with an amplification of this adrenal stress that comes into the body as a physical pressure to be in a hurry. The undefined Root can be constantly hijacked by the pressure of modern life. The wisdom here is to know that this is not their energy and there is no need to rush; it is okay to feel the pressure and just let it be. The open root question is “Am I in a hurry to get everything done so I can be free of the pressure?”