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The Four Aura Types

The Four Aura Types

Aura, the cornerstone of the Human Design System, is how you were designed to meet life. Aura is the electromagnetic frequency that animates your body, extending roughly two arm lengths in all directions. It is the “song” of your unique being as you move through space.
Aura type is determined by the interconnection of the centers that are defined (colored) in your chart. There are over 6 billion people on the planet. Yet just as humans have four blood groups, there are four aura types: Manifestor, Generator (including Manifesting Generator), Projector, and Reflector.


Aura strategy is how you were designed to move through life and is the fundamental tool for the experiment of living your design. It is amazing to discover that you have a mechanical way in which your unique aura frequency was designed to interact with all things. Experimentation with your strategy is the fastest way to see how this system works. It also quickly reveals that your mind has no clue what is correct for your life.

Generator & Manifesting Generator: Wait to Respond

The Generator’s strategy is to wait to respond. Generators are the great builders. They are here to use their energy to build their own heaven on earth, while regenerating their own life force. Generators have an enveloping aura which pulls life to them. They are here to live in a frequency of satisfaction; however, when they move toward things or try to get what they want, they meet resistance and are left frustrated. Responding to life is the key. Learning to hear and feel their sacral response, either “Ah huh” (yes) or “Uh uh” (no), shows the generator what is correct for them.
For an experiential look at Generator & Manifesting Generator strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Projector: Wait for an Invitation

The strategy of the Projector is to wait for the invitation. Projectors, who have deeply penetrating auras, need to be recognized for their gift of seeing others and guiding energy. However, if they try to get this recognition by forcing their way or offering their perspective without first being invited, they meet rejection and are left with bitterness. Being deeply seen and appreciated for who they are and what they have to offer is what brings the sense of success to the Projector. At first it feels like a punishment to have to sit down and shut up; however, it is truly the Projector’s protection from being dragged into things that will ultimately not be correct.
For an experiential look at Projector strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Manifestor: Inform

The strategy of the Manifestor is to inform before it acts. The Manifestor aura is repelling, and is designed to push things out of the way. The Manifestor is the only type that is here to initiate; however, if it initiates with its mind or acts before informing, it will meet with great resistance from others. Manifestors are here to live in a frequency of peace. They are lone wolves and can be very independent, yet find themselves embraced and supported when operating properly. Unfortunately, many end up angry or are stripped of their power due to the chaos they create by not using their power correctly or by letting others control them.
For an experiential look at Manifestor strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Reflector: Wait a Lunar Cycle

The strategy of the Reflector is to wait a full lunar cycle (roughly 29.5 days) before making important decisions. The Reflector aura is like Teflon: nothing sticks to it. Reflectors are here to sample their environment but not to get caught up in any one flavor. Their potential is to be great discerners of the collective. They are lunar beings who enjoy being surprised by something unique; however, when they look out at the world, many are deeply disappointed by injustice and homogenization. Place is everything for these beings. If they are in the right place, they are with the right people., and can bring benefit to their communities with their seeing.
For an experiential look at Reflector strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.