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Joan "Raven" Friedlander

Human Design Hawaii

Joan Raven Friedlander

Joan “Raven” Friedlander

6/2 Generator

Left Angle Cross of the Clarion

Archetype of the perfected human animal, self-empowered survival through response. An organizational being here to shock those ready to be shocked with the details of inner truth.

About Raven

I was introduced to Human Design with 2008, smack in the middle of my Chiron return transition. After a few years of study with a few other HD teachers, I landed in John’s dojo in 2014, first as a Jedi student and then as the co-pilot of the Human Design Unleashed video project. These days I serve as the subscriber support contact, video producer, and newsletter editor. Our ‘business plan’ has always been “We’ll See,” which tickles my spirit. Energy and availability guide our actions.

Long before HD, the onset of a ‘chronic’ intestinal illness in my mid-30’s forced me to start to pay attention to my energy, to listen to my body. Back then I was highly identified as a reliable human being. Every time I became too sick to work, I had to deal with it. I used each flare-up as an opportunity to ask myself, “Where am I off in my life?” Whatever arose, I’d course correct. After 13 years of trial and error – and a whole bunch of medical intervention – the symptoms went into remission, and have remained in remission since. 17 years and counting.

If you’re living what you are instead of projecting what you think you should be or what you should get, you get to see what’s there. If you’re making decisions with your mind, you’ll never get to that place.

Human design came along to fill in the blanks.

I think it fair to say that Human Design has been a powerful alignment tool in my quest to right-side myself. I am less tightly wound, and am much far more sensitive, energetically. The mind still chatters, but her rulership is coming to an end.

How does any of this serve you? I am highly attuned to the nuances of energy, mine and that of ‘the other.’ I have the ability to hear what is being said, and in the most seemingly gentle way, to deliver ‘the shock’ that will erode your well-entrenched belief systems.

I see the body graph as a resource to help you in 2 simple ways:
If you are ready to exit the human rat race, are dealing with health issues or are exhausted from pushing your energy, I can be a good ally.

Raven’s Chart

Raven is a 6/2 Splenic Generator on the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion.
She is here to survive by being the Archetype of the perfected human animal. Through response, fueled by intuition, she has the ability to penetrate the details and bring the skills in order to carry the message to the world, to fulfill her purpose as the role model Clarion.

Living Your Design – Navigating the Life – $175 a session

When people start to tune into their frequency and their own authority, the adventure begins in earnest. I like to start with the basics: how are you designed to interact with the world, what is likely to take you out, and how do you begin to navigate the material plane inside this experiment? For sure I can share what I see there, but knowing the information is not the same as watching it unfold as you live it.

I will meet you right where you are, using what is happening in your life right now to illuminate the opportunities and the dilemmas.

I recommend we meet at least 2 times so you can experiment in between sessions, and we can talk about what you notice.
Please contact Raven via email with your birth data and phone number prior to purchasing a session.

What people have said about Raven:

“Raven’s depth of knowledge, her intuition about what to share, and the way she conveys the information moves energy. It literally reconfigured my sense of Self.” ~ Jewels Maloney
“It’s been only one month since our meeting, but so many things have changed! I’m almost like another person, haha! Everyday a new discovery regards being a Reflector, it has been really nice. (though sometimes a little challenging, but that’s life) ~ M.N.
“You’ve given me so many tools over the many years we’ve worked together. Being able to tune in, take the time I need to make good decisions – and trust how I feel about things – has been one of the best.” ~ M.B.
“I don’t know if I should love your or hate you for sharing this information with me. ~ S.D.
“Thank you for our session we had a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to let you know that I have on several occasions stopped myself from being impulsive/spontaneous based on the information that you provided me on my human design. I have also been more aware of letting people come to me versus me pursuing them.” ~ Y.D.
“It is good to be working with a Generator who has had to surrender to the form principal AND has the entrepreneurial skills to really navigate this plane. She is basically in charge of everything!!” – John