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Aura Lectures & Overview classes – open to all subscribers

We recommend starting in this Portfolio with “Intro LYD 2015” and then watch the lecture for your Aura type. From there, follow your interest and energy.

For Self-Study and Jedi Students

Living Your Design

Living Your Design
Living Your Design is where you learn to see the most crucial aspects of Human Design…and most importantly of course, how to deepen your process to live your own. We look at the birth of the Human Design system, the synthesis, the virus, and how it came into the world. We look deeply at each of the 4 different aura frequencies and see how they meet the world. We study the 7 authorities and how to make decisions in the body without the mind. We also look at the 9 centers, to see how each operates properly and what the conditioning elements are.

Rave ABC – Absolutely Beyond your Control

Living Your Design
In Rave ABC we really start to see that it’s just the body’s life. Rave ABC opens you to the world of circuitry, where you begin to see all the different connecting elements in the chart, how energy moves, and the frequency it carries. We look at the major circuit groups: Individual, Tribal, and Collective. We also investigate the red and the black imprints, or the conscious and unconscious aspects of our design, and see how these affect the life. In this section we also introduce line value and hexagram structure.

Rave Cartography

Rave Cartography
Rave Cartography continues the mapping of the life, and brings together many of the concepts introduced in the earlier courses. We take a deeper look at centers and bring in their biological functions as well as the physiological conditioning associated with each. We also look at “Life Force” and build a deeper understanding of how the channels connecting the centers bring specific energy into the world. We investigate the order or hierarchy of authority and not-self conditioning. Here we also look into each of the 12 profiles.

HD Unleashed Web Shows

The Emotional Dilemma with Theresa Blanding

The Emotional Dilemma
This series magically came out of the Unleashed studios, a powerful conversation series with Theresa about the biggest mechanic in Human Design, the Solar Plexus center. From the nervousness frequencies, to the instability of the emotional wave, we pretty much covered it all in a way that should be easily understandable for newer people.

Unleashed with John Martin

In this collection of web shows John shares his experiences and perspectives on different aspects of life inside the Human Design experiment. At times he’s joined by co-conspirators Joan Friedlander and Devon Wright, who share the same.

Other shows with John and Theresa

Other Shows With John and Theresa
In addition to the Emotional Dilemma series, John Martin and Theresa Blanding came together to discuss other aspects of Human Design, and what it is to live this. Topics include the Mystery of the Generator/Projector Interface, The Force Awakens and Loving Yourself.

Unleashed with Randy Richmond

What can we say? Randy was Randy. We might pick a topic but the conversation went where it went. Nonetheless, this is what you’ll find here. The Alchemy of Human Design (huh?), Halloween, HD style (fun with Type and Halloween archetypes), Fools on the Hill (about being 6th line), and a discussion about Connection Charts.

Unleashed – Remote Interviews

Unleashed Remote Interviews
Live and remote shows with John’s first teacher, Doug Hetrick plus Devin Rathael, Stephanie Maharaj and Wade Pajares, all deep in the experiment sharing their views and experiences.